Posted by: Kath Usitalo | October 18, 2010

Road Food Report: Pizza. Period.

Fricano’s Pizza, one size, served on a paper plate. Simply delish.


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  1. Sure wish I could remember to keep things simple! The pizza looks fabulous!

    • Looking forward to my next visit to the West Coast for another taste!

  2. Fricano’s in Holland is always the first stop when my kids are back in town…No other pizza like it!

    • I missed it on my visit to Holland. Next time!

  3. Ok Kath even though I am full from my own tasty homemade dinner, I find myself drooling and thinking dreamy thoughts of pizza. Is one of their locations easy to get to when Molly and I visit Aquinas College in Grand Rapids? If yes, it is going on the calendar!

    • You’ll be near the Comstock Park location. That location has a couple of other pizza topping options and salad.
      Go for it!

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