Posted by: Kath Usitalo | October 21, 2010

A Pure Michigan Evening

A Pure Michigan evening at Blue Skies in the UP: enjoying a roaring fire and glass of wine while reading Last House by M.F.K. Fisher, who was born in Albion in 1908.

Okay, so the writer left Michigan as a toddler when her father moved the family to California in 1911. Mary Frances Kennedy went on to live, love, eat, drink, and write in France and California and elsewhere around the globe; she died in Glen Ellen, in Sonoma County wine country, in 1992.

My wine this evening is, purely by chance, from St. Helena, California, where M.F.K. lived for 20 years, but it is in an engraved glass from a Michigan wine tasting TJ and I attended many moons ago, hosted by Governor James Blanchard and wife Paula when the state’s wine industry was in its infancy. The antique glass is resting on a coaster by Michigan artist Gwen Frostic.

So it’s a mostly Pure Michigan evening. Good enough.



  1. Mostly all Michigan is always a good thing! Sounds like a perfect evening to me, Kath!

  2. I could get used to this!

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