Posted by: Kath Usitalo | October 26, 2010

Blustery Day At Blue Skies

Seagulls don't seem to mind the wind or Lake Michigan waves

As much as I hate to leave the Great Lakes Gazette Upper Peninsula office I’d planned to head back to the 313 this morning, but high wind warnings kept me off the road.

The prediction of sustained 60 mph-plus winds along Lake Michigan and across the northern Lower Peninsula convinced me to stay cozy here at Blue Skies rather than fight the elements on the 6 hour drive.

Windsocks don't lie

And if the winds were that bad I thought they might shut down the Mackinac Bridge, and I’d have driven the 45 miles to St. Ignace only to have to wait there for conditions to change.

Do you think I came up with enough excuses to stay put?

I tried to record the blustery day in pictures and a video on YouTube, but I would have had to wade out into the lake to really capture the wave action.

It’s gotten a bit windier since I shot the pix this morning; I may have to put on the boots and head back to the beach to see if those whitecaps have kicked up even more.

Click on the YouTube mention (above) to see video of the Lake Michigan wave action



  1. Good you get to stay put.
    I am scheduled to go to NY La Guardia today–well know for back ups on a sunny day.
    Love the photos!

    • Hope you made it back and forth (forth and back?) on time.

  2. It’s crazy windy here already (2:30 Tuesday afternoon) and expected to get stronger, but it’s really warm! Weird – it was 59 when I went to school today. If it was cold enough to s*@#, we’d have a doozy of a blizzard.

    Do you really need that much justification to stay at Blue Skies? Seems like it’d be an easy decision 🙂 Of course, responsibilities elsewhere need the justification.

  3. Yes, my Sweet P. says she misses me. But next year at this time she’ll be away at college! 🙂

  4. I did hear about the Mackinac Bridge closing during the high winds. Wondering how long it was closed…and how many people were a) happily or b) unhappily stranded in the Upper or Lower Peninsulas awaiting the Mighty Mac to re-open. Bet your sweet P. was happy to get her mama home eventually!

  5. Interesting…I’d be interested, too. Heard the director on the radio after the fact stating that the Bridge rarely closes.
    Yes, it was good to be home.

  6. oh it was a good 3 days to stay home, that is for sure. I stayed home with hot chocolate and rum 🙂

    • hmmm….will have to add hot chocolate and rum to my Be Prepared shopping list

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