Posted by: Kath Usitalo | November 2, 2010

Contest Corner: Give It A Shot

Mural, New Center Area, Detroit

Love Detroit? Does your camera love the D, too? The nifty Dig Downtown Detroit website is looking for winning images of the five Dig districts: Downtown, Eastern Market, Corktown, Midtown, and New Center.

Top prize in the Photo Contest is a $250 Dig Downtown Fun Pack, and another 5 shooters will be awarded $100 Fun Packs. Not sure what constitutes a Fun Pack, but those who love Detroit will undoubtedly dig it.

"Take my picture!" the stranger at Eastern Market demanded with a smile.

Enter up to 5 photos (one of each district) by November 12; see the rules which include a very important reminder to get the name(s) of anyone who’s recognizable, or you can’t enter that shot.

I wish I’d gotten the name of the shopper at Eastern Market who saw me snapping photos of produce and demanded, with a smile, “Take my picture!”

I obliged, but should have asked for his contact info—not so that I could enter the contest, but I would like to send him the snapshot. I think I’ll make a print and carry it around each time I go to the Market; I’m sure he’s a regular there.

Another Dig Detroit Photo Contest rule: “Play nice, have fun, and let’s raise awareness and celebrate all that Downtown Detroit has to offer!”


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