Posted by: Kath Usitalo | November 18, 2010

Read All About It: State Of The Great Lakes

An August afternoon at a Lake Huron beach near Rogers City

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm recently announced the release of the State of the Great Lakes 2010 annual report, a 41-page summary of activity by the Office of the Great Lakes Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment (MDNRE).

In her introduction, “Eternal Vigilance for the Great Lakes,” the Governor says, “As Governor, I have resolutely pursued all available options for keeping the Asian carp out of our Great Lakes.” She lists the projects initiated under her watch that are designed to deter the unwelcome fish but she doesn’t project a lot of optimism against that and other invasive species.

The annual report brags about 97 Michigan-based projects funded with $160 million in Federal EPA Great Lakes Restoration Initiative funds.

Lake Michigan near Muskegon

You can read about the various projects and the dollar amount dedicated to each.

When I saw a project titled “Healthier Great Lakes Beaches through Improved Communication. $103,337” I thought the DNRE was going to send trained professionals conversant in beach-ese to communicate with the sandy stretches the importance of staying clean.

But it turns out that Michigan State University (students, I hope) will create videos, media materials and develop other “outreach and education” programs to explain that tidy beaches are good.

The MDNRE Great Lakes website has all kinds of interesting resources that I’ll be exploring and using as a resource in the future.

Our tax dollars at work!



  1. We might as well use what our $$$s are paying for…interesting stuff, Kath!

    • Yes, there’s a world of info on the http://www….just need the time to be able to do all that cool research.

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