Posted by: Kath Usitalo | November 30, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree!

You can buy old fashioned Christmas trees and other holiday greens outside Henry Ford Museum

I almost did the unthinkable in Dearborn on Sunday. On a solo expedition to Greenfield Village I nearly broke our tradition of a family outing to choose our Christmas tree. I was tempted by a beautiful Balsam Fir at the greens lot outside of Henry Ford Museum where you can buy trees, wreaths, roping, kissing balls and swags.

That tree would have looked really good in our house

We are strictly a fresh tree family and like the old fashioned look of those at The Henry Ford. We’ve bought ours there a couple of times, though last year we tried and found they’d emptied their lot fairly early in December.

So when I saw the $46 beauty (less our 10% museum member discount!)—a nice height and not too full (we have a small space for our tree)—I almost snapped it up on the spot. But I remembered this invention called the cell phone and decided to call and ask Tom and Paige whether they wanted to be in on the decision. He said to go for it; she said she’d been looking forward to the family trip to Detroit’s Eastern Market for our tree. Guess who won?

If you favor real Christmas trees you can find the freshest specimens at the choose & cut farms of the Michigan Christmas Tree Association (most also have pre-cut tree lots if you don’t want to go out into the field and saw one down yourself).

We have some great memories of trips to tree farms when the kids were young but now we enjoy going to the city for our tree, where we can grab breakfast and browse the shops at Eastern Market. Whatever the source of our tree, one thing remains the same: I need to start popping corn to string—yards of it—to drape  over those evergreen branches!

NOTE: For some pre-holiday fun check out the Michigan Christmas Tree & Lodging Packages to plan an overnight getaway that will send you home refreshed and with a tree in tow.

I love this little painting by the late Ken Haines

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  1. We’re a fresh tree family, too….used to trek out to Wahmhoff’s Lake Superior Tree Farm and cut one when the kids were little. We still get ours there but leave the cutting to them! Maybe this weekend?!? Hmmm….

    • Yea for fresh tree people!

      We usually wait until a week or less before Christmas to put up the tree, but I’m in the mood to put it up early this year, so we’re getting ours this weekend.

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