Posted by: Kath Usitalo | December 13, 2010

So You Wanna Be A Movie Producer

Urban art at Heidelberg Project, Detroit

Got a buck? Make a movie.

Actually, a single frame of a movie. In an innovative scheme to finance Lemonade: Detroit, filmmaker Erik Proulx is selling frames of the planned 90-minute documentary for $1 each, $24 per second, or $1,440 per minute.

When I checked his website he’d lined up 793 producers who’d funded 20,077 of the approximately 130,000 frames it’ll take for him to tell stories about Detroiters who are reinventing themselves in a city that’s doing the same. Each donor will be listed in the film credits as a producer.

When Erik, the project’s director and writer, was laid off from his advertising job he created the film Lemonade about “16 people who lost their jobs and found their calling.”

"The buildings that you see that are empty right now are spaces for new ideas," says one of the optimists in the trailer promoting Lemonade: Detroit

While in Detroit for a screening of that movie he was inspired by the optimism of folks he met and the opportunity he saw in the city, and settled on his second film project. He’s produced the trailer; check it out at the Lemonade: Detroit website.

You may be inspired to jump on the movie-making bandwagon or gift your friends with a movie producer credit.

As Chili Palmer (John Travolta) said in the movie Get Shorty, “I don’t think the producer has to know much.”

Just be willing to part with a buck or a few.

NOTE:  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan will match donations made through December 31, 2010.


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