Posted by: Kath Usitalo | December 14, 2010

Homemade: MichiGifts

Everyone needs ice! Why not Michigan shaped ice cubes?

The last time I checked Christmas is set for December 25. That’s more than a week away, right?

So why, when people ask, “Have you finished your shopping?” and I answer, “I haven’t even started!” do they let out a gasp heard ’round the world? There’s more than a week to go!

Blueberry Haven's chocolate covered blueberries

Okay, to be honest, I’m not starting from zero.

I’ve picked up a few nifty items throughout the year and did a little shopping today so I have a bit of a start on the gift lists.

This afternoon’s excursion into the Wide World of Retailing to fulfill a couple of wish list items reminded me why I wish big box stores had never been invented…and why I prefer supporting small shops, galleries, bookstores and such.

To help like-minded folks who want to give a Made in Michigan gift, below are a some ideas from the last year of Great Lakes Gazette with links to their original stories (just click on the bold faced words).

Good luck and good shopping! (But hurry; we’re getting into rush delivery charge territory.)

An Ice Gift: Michigan-shaped ice cube trays

Book for the kiddies: What I Saw on Mackinac

A Michigan Joe: Paramount Coffee and a Pure Michigan mug

Cook up some fun with a gift certificate for a Bygone Basics class

Memories of Downtown Hudson’s: books and calendar from the Detroit Historical Museum shop

For road trippers: a copy of the Historic Michigan Travel Guide

Blueberry goodies from Blueberry Haven

The Agate Lady's "mineral art" combines stained glass and slices of rock

Rockin’ art, book and calendar from The Agate Lady

Bits of the Motor City from Pure Detroit


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