Posted by: Kath Usitalo | December 17, 2010

MichiGift: A Pure Michigan Harvest

This maple syrup was made by Tassier's Sugar Bush in Cedarville

If you’re a fan of pure maple syrup or need a gift for someone who is you can present a gift of Michigan maple syrup from producers across the state, including the online store of Tassier’s Sugar Bush in Cedarville in the Eastern Upper Peninsula. Or you can Rent-a-Sap-Bucket at Chippewa Nature Center in Midland.

Each March the center taps its maple trees and hosts weekend visits to the Sugarbush for the public to see how syrup is made. On two evenings, March 22 and 24, visitors can see the sap boiled into syrup at the Sunset at the Sugarhouse program.

Your donation of $100 ($80 is tax deductible) to Chippewa Nature Center gets a numbered bucket that will hang on a tree tapped to collect the flowing sap in March. The sap bucket package includes two tickets to the March 19 Maple Syrup Day pancake breakfast, a bottle of syrup produced at the nature center, and unlimited visits to the adopted tree. Contact the nature center for details.

The Rent-a-Sap-Bucket program is new, but similar to two others:

At Tree-Mendus Fruit farm in the southwest corner of the state near Eau Claire you can Rent-A-Tree and harvest the apples in the fall; prices depend on size of the tree, apple variety, and other factors and can cost up to $150 per season.

Blueberry fans will appreciate the Rent A Blueberry Bush program at Joe’s Blues in Bangor, also in the southwest Michigan fruit belt. The chosen 60-year old high bush blueberry plant will be tagged with the seasonal owner’s name, who’ll be notified when the berries are ripe and the picking begins—usually mid July to mid-August. For $30, each bush owner is guaranteed at least 12 pounds of blueberries.



  1. What a great find!! Nicely done.

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