Posted by: Kath Usitalo | January 19, 2011

Bishop Baraga, R.I.P.

A monument to Bishop Baraga, The Snowshoe Priest; January 19 is the anniversary of his demise

Thank you for your interest. This post about Bishop Baraga has been moved to, a free webzine about Travel & Life In & Around Michigan, The Great Lakes State. Click here to see the story and photos.






  1. Now here’s a tourist attraction after my own heart!

    The Holy Rover

    • It’s a must-see in that part of the U.P.!

  2. Glad to see the Bishop here, Kath. I always wink at him when we drive by on US-41. 😉

    • It’s the strangest thing if you’re not expecting it to see him up there! It’s a beautiful spot, though.

  3. […] Check out the Baraga County info and the photo of the Bishop Baraga Shrine on page 23, taken by yours truly. It first appeared here at Great Lakes Gazette in the story, Bishop Baraga, R.I.P.  […]

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