Posted by: Kath Usitalo | February 8, 2011

We Are Family

Photos submitted by the public are a part of the "Evolutionary Artifacts" exhibit at the MSU Museum

Here’s a chance for you to be a part of an art exhibition, and you don’t have to pick up a paintbrush or chisel.

Just submit a photo of you or your loved ones to participate in “Evolutionary Artifacts” at the Michigan State University Museum.

The installation by MSU Professor James L. Lawton is a multi-media work that includes artifacts from the museum’s collection and images of people provided by the public. It is designed to illustrate connections between diverse elements that comprise society. At least, I think that’s what it means. Check the artist’s statement for further explanation.

A picnic on Lake Michigan, Upper Peninsula, 1963

Photos of folks are projected onto the walls of the gallery or, if mailed in, tacked to a wall in a giant collage of faces through the ages.

Some are snapshots of celebrations and special events, others are formal portraits. In between are candid shots that have some special meaning to those who submitted them.

It was very moving to see the parade of people captured at different moments of their lives, recorded for the ages and now a part of this montage of humanity.

I uploaded this photo of my family at a Lake Michigan park, taken by Mom in 1963.

Look for it on the wall at the MSU Museum through April 3, 2011.

Admission to the MSU Museum, located on the East Lansing campus, is free.

Who are those guys? Someone submitted their photo to the Evolutionary Artifacts exhibit

Learn more about the artist and exhibit, and upload photos or find snail mail instructions at:

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Visitor Info Clicks:

MSU Museum

Lansing/East Lansing

Pure Michigan


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