Posted by: Kath Usitalo | February 23, 2011

Doggone Cold

Tucker having a ball on the frozen beach, early morning at Blue Skies


This is a first. And a second.

Tucker the Wonder Dog loves being at Blue Skies. He’s always the first one packed and waiting at the door to hop into the Splattered Van for the road trip to the U.P.

But this morning on the beach, after he chased the ball six or seven times, he took the tennis ball and trotted back to the house ahead of me! That was a first. Usually it takes 25 or 30 ball launches to tire him out.

Tried again in the afternoon—same results.

It’s rare that I outlast the T-Dog. Yes, it was chilly, but not the coldest temps we’ve experienced.

Maybe he needs booties for his paws like the sled dogs wear.



  1. I think he needs booties AND a cute doggie sweater!! Mary Lou

  2. He would be cute 😉

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