Posted by: Kath Usitalo | February 24, 2011

Outhouse Race: Classic Yooper Fun On The Run

While Paige, Tucker and I have been curled up with books and laptops in front of the blazing fire, watching movies and relaxing at Blue Skies, my darling daughter’s friends have been texting her with exciting reports of their winter break escapes to Chicago, Colorado and New York.

I offered that we could spice up our Upper Peninsula trip with a unique adventure, something so special that her pals’ tales would pale in comparison.

We could high-tail it to Trenary on Saturday for the 18th running of the Outhouse Classic, a Yooper tradition founded by a local man, the late Toivo Aho, as a way to add some fun to the long winter.

The concept is bizarrely simple: Teams build and decorate outhouse-like structures—complete with toilet seat and paper—mount the buildings on skis, and race the huts down the snow-packed main drag of the U.P. town of Trenary. Hundreds of spectators cheer, prizes are awarded, food and beverages consumed, and a good time is had by all.

It’s something I’ve wanted to witness, but for one reason or another we’ve never made the trek to Trenary for the potty party.

Paige hasn’t decided whether she wants to add this event to her life experiences.

But oh, the texts she could send.

The Official Dunking Toast of the Great Lakes Gazette

Trenary Outhouse Classic festivities begin at noon, with the kiddie division races starting at 2 p.m., Saturday, February 26 in beautiful downtown Trenary, located about halfway between Escanaba and Marquette, about 28 miles southwest of Munising.

Trenary is home of the Trenary Home Bakery, which makes the Official Dunking Toast of the Great Lakes Gazette.

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  1. Had I made my way up I could have experienced the Outhouse Classic too. If you go, please pick up a bag or two of that yummy toast.

  2. Will do do (groan)!

  3. OK — which one is Tucker curled up with — a book or a laptop? Just wondering which is his preference 😉

    • With Tucker you never know; he likes dog-eared books and thinks he’s a lap dog.
      At the moment he’s curled up ON my feet as I work on the laptop. I keep asking him to finish the story I’m working on but he’s refusing to contribute.

      • Toasty!!

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