Posted by: Kath Usitalo | February 28, 2011

Road Food Report: Super Soup Spoon Cafe

Really, it tastes much better than it looks.

I’d heard good things about The Soup Spoon Cafe in Lansing and had a chance to sample it a few weeks ago.

The name is a giveaway: it’s known for an inventive, changing menu of soups. If the soup du jours are agreeable it’s nice to have the option of the Soup Flight, samples of four varieties with French bread ($9.99). I was happy to see my favorite, which they call the Cafe Combo—half of any sandwich and cup of soup ($6.99).

But it was before 9 a.m. so I pondered the choice of Breakfast Sammys, three variations on a fried egg sandwich. The Yooper Benny was also intriguing (two poached eggs with fresh Lake Superior whitefish, atop English muffins, drizzled with tarragon-lemon aioli at $8).

I opted for the Pesto Scramble (two eggs scrambled with red onion, tomato, mushrooms, pesto and gorgonzola cheese, $7), and it came with toast and a choice of cafe potatoes or a small salad. I did not choose the greens.

Service was pleasant and, though it looked like something a lesser joint might call a garbage can omelet, the food delish.

The place was busy, even at breakfast; I understand there can be waits at lunch and on weekends. The vibe was good in the cozy original dining room, but I wanted to take advantage of the cafe’s free WiFi and due to battery issues with my computer I had to sit where there was an electrical outlet, in the “new” side. That half, which opened almost a year ago, is a plain room and even with the lovely view of busy Michigan Avenue I just didn’t warm up to it. I should have traded the internet access for a seat in the first room.

Besides, who can work when there’s a tasty breakfast in front of you?

Soup Spoon Cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and has a full bar; hours vary. Closed Sundays. Credit cards accepted.

Visitor Info Click: Lansing

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