Posted by: Kath Usitalo | March 2, 2011

Happy Anniversary To Great Lakes Gazette

A toast to Great Lakes Gazette!

This blog launched on March 2. 2009 with the goal of sharing what I, as a life-long, bi-peninsular resident of Michigan, think worthy of sharing with the world.

I appreciate all readers and hope you’ve gained some insider insights that might persuade you to explore the places and meet the people on these pages.

Please feel free to share your tips and suggestions so I can learn more about what I should see and where I should go in the Great Lakes State.

Thanks for your interest.

Rutabaga. Just because.




  1. Congrats and enjoy the bubby or rutabaga.

    • Thanks. Fizz complements the baga so well.

  2. Happy anniversary, Kath! I love your blog and all your insights into our wonderful state. Thanks for all your hardwork in sharing Michigan with us one awesome blog at a time.

    • Thanks so much Jolene!

  3. That rutabaga would enjoy being sliced and diced and put into pasties! Great dedication to your blog and always nice pictures.

    • Hint hint on the rutabaga, eh? I was thinking of making pasties soon….

  4. Thanks Kath for your dedication to this blog. I always look forward to a new and clever (I love clever) delivery. You are delightful!

    • I appreciate your appreciation of my skewed views. (Back at ya on yours 🙂

  5. Congratulations on completing your 2nd year of blogging in such fine style!! Your photos are always gorgeous and your interesting, fresh and non-mainstream selections of topics and places to write about always makes me want to immediately jump in the car and go! Thanks for sharing all your Michigan discoveries with your readers. BTW – I love the picture of the rutabaga but must say it would be nice to see it in a pastie!!

  6. At first glance my image response to your pedestal(ed) ‘bega against (in my mind) a topo/satellite-type backdrop = “world view”; Wow! 2 yrs! Thank you for enriching our world with your daily view. Cheers to you, Cousin.

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