Posted by: Kath Usitalo | April 12, 2011

Red Wings And Blackhawks: Hockey Friends Or Faux?

Every Red Wings fan knows the meaning of the giant jersey on the Spirit of Detroit

So on Monday, the day after the Red Wings beat the Blackhawks en route to the NHL playoffs, Paige and I were in a crowded elevator in a building in Chicago’s South Loop.

A slow elevator. And did I mention it was crowded?

Through no fault of my own I found myself invading the personal space of a 20-something black dude decked out in a very nice Blackhawks jacket and cap. Of course, given the proximity, I tried to make conversation.

I looked at the Blackhawks logo, nodded slightly towards Paige and said, “We’re from Detroit.” He gave me a blank stare. I added, “Go Wings(?)”

He got off the elevator.
So much for small talk on the lift. Later, Paige explained that the dude had no idea that I was referencing the hockey rivalry.
Apparently, a lot of folks wear sports team paraphernalia just because it looks cool. Who knew?
Twenty-four hours later, back in the 313, I drove past an aged Dodge Caravan decked out with two clip-on Red Wings flags fluttering in the breeze and at least two Winged Wheelers decals plastered on the windows.
I didn’t see what the driver was wearing but I have no doubt that if he was sporting a Red Wings jersey and somehow met up with a Blackhawks fan who made a comment about the team rivalry, the Detroiter would absolutely understand the meaning.
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