Posted by: Kath Usitalo | April 14, 2011

Road Food Report: Moosewood Is A Meat Glue Free Zone

Moosewood Restaurant

Maybe it was the memory of the unappetizing “meat glue” video that made its way to my email box the other day, but I truly savored the vegetarian stew I had Wednesday night at Moosewood Restaurant in beautiful downtown Ithaca, New York.

A tasty vegetarian stew washed down with Cascazilla, a red ale from Ithaca Beer Co.

After years of making recipes from three Moosewood cookbooks I finally found my way to the home of the natural foods restaurant, a vegetarian dining icon since it started dishing healthy fare in 1973.

The popular spot is collectively owned by 19 members who bring their varied talents and love of good food to the two dining rooms on the lower level of a former brick school building.

I chose a seat at the bar, where it didn’t take long to make my selection from the three vegetarian and one fish dish, a couple of appetizers and soups. Everything on the daily changing menu is made from scratch from fresh, often organic, produce and quality ingredients. There are vegan options.

That kind of quality doesn’t come cheap. My entree, an aromatic mix of veggies on rice and sprinkled with feta cheese and accompanied by a side salad with housemade dressing, ran $15.

And it didn’t even come with meat glue.

Visitor Info Click: Ithaca

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