Posted by: Kath Usitalo | April 19, 2011

Bid To Win A Michigan Getaway

Plan a Michigan wine country tour with an auction prize package

Thinking about a Michigan vacation or hungry for an omelet?

Step back in time with passes to Greenfield Village

Check out the 83 items in the online Party at MI Place Auction that just opened and runs through May 19.

Your winning bid will land you a fun vacation stay or activity around the state while benefiting the programs of the Michigan Festivals & Events Association, the promotional organization that, well, promotes festivals and events throughout Michigan and publishes an online calendar of—what else—-some of the festivals and events throughout Michigan.

MFEA Auction items range from ferry tickets to Beaver Island to rounds of golf, B & B and hotel stays, a hot air balloon ride and a race weekend package—including pit passes—at Michigan International Speedway.

There are goodies, too, like Jack Daniels golf equipment and “Tools for a Perfect Omelet” kit including a skillet, apron and wire whisk—no mention of Michigan eggs to go with.

Explore the capital city with the winning bid on a family weekend in Lansing

Explore the capital city with the family weekend package in Lansing

There’s no charge to browse the auction items and dream about a Great Lakes getaway. You can’t win if you don’t enter!



  1. Thanks, Kath, for the head’s up. I noticed that two items consist of or include stays at bed and breakfasts that are members of the Michigan Lake to Lake Bed and Breakfast Association, which among other things means they have been inspected for quality. The two are Cartier Mansion B&B in Ludington and Heather House, included in a fantastic-sounding Marine City package. A third item includes “bed and breakfast” in the title, but it’s at an airport hotel. We are not fooled.

  2. Important distinction! Like your comment, “We are not fooled.”

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