Posted by: Kath Usitalo | April 20, 2011

Contest Corner: Where’s William?

Get thee to the Talk Like Shakespeare website, download your mask, and enter to win an iPad

Brush up on your poetic speech: Saturday, April 23 is William Shakespeare’s 447th birthday and the third annual Talk Like Shakespeare Day in Illinois, as declared by Governor Pat Quinn.

You don’t have to live in Illinois to participate in the festivities. At the Talk Like Shakespeare website hosted by Chicago Shakespeare Theater you can pick up ideas on how to celebrate the holiday, and find handy tips for speaking Shakespearese. Be sure to click and listen to The Q Brothers’ hip-hop birthday anthem and you’ll be saying, “Let us partieth right now.”

In honor of the Bard’s Big Day, Chicago Shakespeare Theater is sponsoring a “Where’s William?” contest that could win you an iPad. All you need do is download the provided mask of the playwright, pose for a photo of you as William, and email the pic with your contact info.

Entries are due at 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time on April 23.

Methinks thou can’t winneth if thou dost not enter!

NOTE: Chicago Shakespeare Theater stages its own productions and hosts international programs in its World’s Stage Series.

Earlier this month in Chicago I had the pleasure of being the CST’s guest for a performance of the National Theatre of Scotland’s Black Watch just before it moved on to New York. Last week while in Brooklyn I noticed that the company is performing at St. Ann’s Warehouse through May 8. Chicago…Brooklyn…I felt like a stalker.

How fascinating can a play be that focuses on Scottish soldiers of the Black Watch regiment in Iraq? It’s riveting. It’s physical, emotional, thought-provoking. The choreography and staging is brilliant. I still get chills down my spine when I think of that performance. Check it out if you’re in the Big Apple in the coming weeks.

(Black Watch photo)


  1. Shakespeare-for-a-day sounds like it could be a lot of fun! Black Watch live performance would be awesome to attend.

  2. Ellie, I think you should put the mask on Dana and take a photo of Willam in the sauna 🙂

    Black Watch was very emotional, thinking of Kevin in Afghanistan (without the Scottish brogue, of course). One incredible scene had one actor changing clothes (with the help of other actors) to show the history of the Black Watch through the changing uniforms…he was constantly moving and talking. Hard to describe, but the choreography was inventive and fun to watch.

    • Sure, like one of those paper bag heads in the Rock Labor Day first float – Oi-yoi, that Gra’ma & her Lahti girls!

      • Fun memories of those parades…

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