Posted by: Kath Usitalo | April 27, 2011

Happy Earth Day

A portion of the mural at the Air Zoo, Kalamazoo

Officially, Earth Day was April 22. But everyday is earth day in this section of the Kalamazoo Air Zoo’s “Century of Flight” mural.

The 800′ x 32′ work of aviation art holds the Guinness World Record as the world’s largest hand-painted indoor mural.

Artist Rick Herter and his assistant Tony Hendrick spent more than 14 months depicting the history of flight from hot air balloons to the space age.

It took 400 gallons of oil paint and an assortment of 200 brushes and rollers to complete the 28,000 square foot mural.

On my weekday visit I saw only a dozen other visitors taking in the FREE attraction.

The Air Zoo is an interactive museum displaying vintage aircraft and flight-related exhibits, plus indoor amusement rides and flight simulators.

It’s actually located in Portage, just south of Kalamazoo. Admission to the Air Zoo is free; there is a charge for the rides.

Visitor Info Clicks: Air Zoo


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  1. This place is a Michigan “must see”
    A few years ago, I took my son there because it seemed like a good boy interest. When we got there, I am not sure who was more enthralled, he or I.

    • The few kids I saw seemed to love it. And even the older grey haired “kids” got on one of the rides. I was there between screenings of the movie; will have to go back.

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