Posted by: Kath Usitalo | May 3, 2011

Postcard Pix For Kicks

As mentioned in yesterday’s Great Lakes Gazette, this is National Postcard Week, and I’ve been sifting through my collection just because, well, why save shoe boxes full of postcards if not to sift through them once a year?

Know that TJ and I have a history of buying and sending the odd postcard, so I thought I’d share three (3) that caught my eye because they all inspired the thought:

Below are the photos and accompanying copy from the second side of two postcards from opposite ends of Michigan: Detroit in the southeast corner and Copper Harbor at the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula (plus my editorial comment):

Happy black bear

Copper Harbor, Michigan:
In the late afternoon each day a curious procession arrives at the Copper Harbor dump.

The bears emerge from the forest to snack on the goodies while the tourists emerge to watch the bears.

NOTE: I do remember, as a city cousin visiting relatives in different parts of the U.P., begging to go to the dump to watch the bears forage for goodies.

Joe Louis Arena (?)

Joe Louis Arena: The Joe Louis Arena is the home of the Detroit Red Wings. The arena encloses over 17 million cubic feet and covers three-and-three quarter acres.

Note: The huge forearm sculpture swinging from the tripod is NOT the 17 million cubic foot arena that is named in honor of the boxing great Joe Louis. It is NOT home to the Detroit Red Wings hockey team.

Joe Louis Arena, less photogenic than the above landmarks, is located blocks behind the photographer’s camera in this shot.

And, at top:

Sebewaing, Michigan 

Note: No explantation given. It’s Sebewaing. 

At first glance one might wonder, what does this image say about Sebewaing, the Sugar Beet Capital? On second thought: What the hay…to a postcard company, a farm is a farm. And look at the stop-action photo of that hay bale flying through the air. Pure artistry!


  1. Great cards Kath. It’s a fantastic medium that’s suffering as the PO appears to be gasping for life and email is reduced to 140 characters. Maybe there’s some hope in the growing art of images sent by phone…but they don’t have the lasting charm of old postcards. Thanks for sharing.

    • I used to be really good about sending postcards while on trips…even I have to really make an effort these days. uhh…then again, it takes more effort to do just about everything these days 😉

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