Posted by: Kath Usitalo | June 17, 2011

Homemade: Michigan On The Cutting Edge

A party-ready Michigan made of Corian by BillsBoards, on a tray painted by TJ

Isn’t the definition of the perfect gift something you wouldn’t buy for yourself, but when the wrapping paper is off you’re happy to have it? I believe that’s because you’re so delighted with the present that you forget about the number of candles on the cake.

Anyway, this set of cutting boards, which I received on my birthday, qualifies. They boards are handmade in Milford, Michigan by Bill Fong, who works exclusively in Corian or similar solid surface material. They’re nicely crafted and very sturdy, and were a hit at the neighborhood block party.

Sold under the name BillsBoards, the two peninsulas come in two sizes; the large set is $49.95, small set $29.95. Bill says some people hang the boards as wall decor. He also makes Michigan clocks, and has engraved the names of towns on the boards. Bill makes boards shaped like the state of Ohio, fruit, and animals. Call me biased, but I like Michigan best.

You can order BillsBoards directly from Bill; contact him through his Facebook page or etsy site.

EXTRAS: Bill will include the hardware for wall display at no charge—just ask.
If you’d like to have him turn it into a clock there’s an additional charge of $10.

And if you’re entertaining with a Michigan theme you’ll want ice cubes in the shape of the state; check ’em out: Homemade: An Ice Gift.

Great gifts for Great Lakers. Thanks, Karen!



  1. Nicely displayed on the tray. Glad you like the gift. Since I need to purchase a wedding present, I’ll be off to the Town Peddler again. Fun!!!!!

    • The neighbors really did love it. Thanks!

  2. Hey, if you’re going to Town Peddler, I want to come too. Such a cool gift! We used to have a wooden cutting board shaped like the lower peninsula only but it didn’t last. This Corian version would have much better longevity and has the added bonus of including the U.P.

    • I’ve got to check out that place someday…

  3. Love it! Way to show your State Pride!

    • You should know, Ms. Michigan Mittens! Thanks for checking in on Great Lakes Gazette.

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