Posted by: Kath Usitalo | June 29, 2011

Curiosity Stop: The Seven Wonders Of Ithaca

A tribute to Henry Romaine "Pat" Pattengill (1852-1018) is one of the Seven Wonders of Ithaca

In my brief visit to Ithaca last week I picked up a brochure, The Seven Wonders of Ithaca, MI.

The free, tri-fold, color piece was “Created by 5th graders in Room 16” (no school or year noted; I guess if you have to ask you don’t need to know) and features a hand-drawn map of, well, the seven wonders of Ithaca.

Number one on the list: Cemetery. “Many historical people rest peacefully at Ithaca’s Cemetery….Did you know that more people are buried in the cemetery than live in Ithaca? Come see the best wonder of Ithaca: the Cemetery.”

Doggone it. Had I known, I would have made time to tour the cemetery. Now, in addition to The Hearthside Oven, I have another reason to make a return trip to Ithaca.

Before I had the brochure in hand and without knowing it was Wonder #7, I was drawn to stop at the Pattengill Monument. This is an impressive, stone-studded tribute to Mr. Pattengill, deemed by the 5th graders’ brochure, “the best teacher ever.”

About the salute to Mr. Pattengill (no first name given, he was MR. Pattengill) the brochure declares, “The Pattengill Monument even has a scrap from the marble used to make Lincoln’s head for the Lincoln Memorial. There are also stones from every county in Michigan!”


The Fire Hall, circa 1894, is #5 on the list of Ithaca's wonders and features, according to the brochure, a "rare Fireman Weathervane at the top!"

As someone who has only worked in the travel industry (okay, there was that three-day stint at K-Mart) I have seen a lot of promotional brochures, and I absolutely love the enthusiasm of this view of the kids’ hometown.

Behold the "rare Fireman Weathervane at the top!"

Coincidentally, I just met a couple of high school kids who, through their job toting tourists around Petoskey, are realizing the wonders of their hometown.

We should all look at our local wonders, though they may seem mundane, through the eyes of our youth.

I’ll hold onto my copy of The Seven Wonders of Ithaca, MI, and will be back to visit all of them. Especially that cemetery.

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