Posted by: Kath Usitalo | June 30, 2011

Pure Michigan Feast!

Goodies from the Eastern Upper Peninsula

Farm market season is here, and I am loving it in da U.P.

Went to Newberry this afternoon to shop the “big” grocery store, Mac’s (I also like Rahilly’s, up the road, by the way), and was detoured by the Farmer’s Market at the American Legion Hall parking lot. It’s open every Thursday from 4-7 p.m. til the crops run out.

Look what I got for $23, cash money. All local products:

-over 2 lbs. of whitefish and herring, fresh caught in Whitefish Bay, Lake Superior
-two gorgeous tomatoes
-a bunch of asparagus
-a bunch of slender, organic radishes
-two quarts plus of strawberries
-a fistful of rhubarb stalks (plus several strays, thrown in by the grower who gave me a lengthy story about how rhubarb is flourishing in her garden)
-a peck of apples of a name I have not heard before and cannot recall—I left my notepad and malfunctioning camera at home, darn it!)
-great conversations with some of the crafters, bakers, honey and syrup makers (I would have bought their goods but ran out of cash)

Then, at Mac’s market I bought some “homemade” Brats and breakfast sausages that the cashier declared were really good (how often does a clerk know the store’s products?).

This was after several conversations throughout the store as I bumped into another mom who was shopping for a cottage full of guests. We talked about our girls, who are about to head off to college.

As is the Mac’s tradition, a nice young man carted my groceries to the Splattered Jeep, just because that’s what they do.

I also stopped at the local ACE Hardware, mainly because I like to roam the aisles of hardware stores. I was immediately greeted by a cheery worker. “Can I help you find something?” she asked. “I don’t know, can you tell me what I’m looking for?” I responded.

She laughed, we scouted out a few aisles, compared notes on projects, I made a list—I think we may be friends for life. At least, I’m looking forward to returning to that store when she’s working.

Just another great day in da U.P.

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  1. I am jealous of the bargain. On a lark, I tallied my food bill for the month and it’s not pretty. Of course some of it is stocking up supplies but I still shocked myself.

    • That’s cuz you buy The Good Stuff, Min.
      Gotta love farmer’s markets!

  2. Great presentation! Love everything but…….that fish on a plate. Yecky.

    • Oh, but the fish was sooooo tasty!

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