Posted by: Kath Usitalo | July 6, 2011

Homemade: Asparagus Wine, Veggie Of The Vine

A nice evening for sampling Odd Fox Asparagus Wine at the beach

As an asparagus lover I couldn’t resist the wine made from the green spear. It’s concocted by Kelli Fox of The Fox Barn Agricultural Marketplace and Winery in Shelby—the heart of Michigan’s asparagus country.

Kelli married into the Fox family, which has been working the land growing fruits and veggies for five generations.

The market is housed in a big old, beautifully renovated barn where you can buy local produce and foods, like Maple syrup, honey, and jams, a neat selection of gift items and, of course the wines, which are made on the barn’s lower level. They include cherry, peach, raspberry and asparagus.

Terri and John, about to sample asparagus wine

We invited our neighbors Terri and John to did a little taste testing of two wines I’d bought when I was in that part of the state: the Odd Fox Asparagus ($16) and Cayuga Jazz ($14) from Tartan Hill winery in New Era, just south of Shelby.

The asparagus wine is clear, not green, and everyone detected an aroma of the veggie—some more than others. It’s a sweet wine—too sweet for Terri. As another couple strolled past I invited them to sample the asparagus wine, and they laughingly declined; I think they thought it was a joke.

So, mixed reviews on the Odd Fox.

The Cayuga Jazz grows Cayuga White grapes and blends them with raspberries; it has a nice rosy color and the wine was a little sweet. All gave it Thumbs Up—a nice summery beverage at the beach.

Coincidentally, we’ll be able to spend some time on the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail in New York, when Paige heads to college. I’d bought this Michigan Cayuga wine long before she’d decided to attend Cornell, which is located at the base of the longest of the Finger Lakes.

Cayuga Jazz from Tartan Hill Winery

Tartan Hill is owned by Paul and Beverly Goralski, and it’s also a family operation in a pleasant setting with a cozy tasting bar.

The Fox Barn is open 7 days through September, then weekends in October.

Tartan Hill Winery is open 7 days.

Visitor Info Clicks: Silver Lake Sand Dunes Area

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  1. I read about the asparagus wine earlier this year in the Freep. Now I know someone who’s actually tasted it.

    • And lived to tell about it!

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