Posted by: Kath Usitalo | July 21, 2011

Buy Local And Know Who’s Filling Your Plate

Linda Prochaska helps her son Mike sell his veggies at a roadside stand near Macon

On the way home from Tecumseh, in the southeast corner of Michigan, I stopped at a roadside stand near Macon and loaded up on veggies straight from the Prochaska Farms.

Mike has been growing tomatoes since high school; he starts all of his veggies from seed

What a bounty! I came away with a dozen ears of fresh-picked corn, lots of tomatoes, several yellow and green squash, and four big handfuls of green beans and yellow beans: $22.

In the future I’ll have more to report on young Mike Prochaska, a 25-year old farmer who chucked engineering studies at the University of Michigan to carry on the family tradition.

Young Mike's farm is across the road from his dad Mike and mom Linda's farm



(Don’t tell Meryl Streep, who once declared the importance of washing broccoli for 45 minutes before feeding it to her kids, but Farmer Mike munched raw green beans straight from the field, and I followed suit—and live to tell the tale).

Mike was getting ready to head to Detroit for the Tigers baseball game to see his high school chum Duane Below make his major league pitching debut at Comerica Park. He—really, the whole town—was excited about the local baseball hero.

Seems like we just polished off last year's zucchini, but I couldn't resist....

My tip of the day:

Get off the highway and discover the joys of local, seasonal foods, and make time for conversation with the folks who grow what fills your plate.







Nothing like veggies straight from the field


  1. I couldn’t agree more. If you can’t grow your food, know your food.

    • I like that…sounds like a bumper sticker. Thanks!

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