Posted by: Kath Usitalo | August 1, 2011

Road Food Report: Pasty Quest

Mackinaw Pastie has a wonton-like crust

The quest for the perfect pasty continues.

After years of passing by the cute log cabin near the Mackinac Bridge I decided to stop at Hunt’s Mackinaw Pastie & Cookie Co. in Mackinaw City.

One of two Mackinaw Pastie & Cookie Co. locations in Mackinaw City

Ahhh, the aroma of pasties when I opened the door! This is not just a carry-out spot; folks at a handful of tables were digging into hot, aromatic pasties, and the joint was jumping with others, like me, picking up pasties to go.

In addition to the basic beef-potato-onion-rutabaga mix wrapped in crust, Mackinaw Pastie offers chicken and vegetarian options and creative variations I’d never imagined. The beef pie topped with a blend of gravy and sour cream and chives becomes Pastie Stroganoff. Taco sauce on top makes it Pastie Grande. With a marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese it is Pastie Italiano.

I stuck with the traditional Cornish pies, frozen, since my sister Karen and I would be eating them a day or two later ($5.99).

Dine in or carry out at Mackinaw Pastie

These were the most unusual pasties I’ve tried. The crust, traditionally a circle that’s folded over the savory contents and crimped around the edge, was kind of wrapped around the mound of filling with ends folded over.

And when we heated it, parts of the crust had a crispy—not flaky and buttery—texture. It reminded me of a fried wonton (though Karen didn’t agree—and maybe it was just the way we warmed it).  Tasty, just different. Aha! A new menu item: Pastie Wonton.

Guess I was so overwhelmed by the international pastie menu I forgot to check out the cookies. Next time.

Mackinaw Pastie & Cookie Co. has been in Mackinaw City since 1964, and has two locations at the Tip of Michigan’s Mitten. The log cabin spot near the Mackinac Bridge is open seven days, year ’round.

Visitor Info Clicks: 

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Mackinaw City

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  1. I’ll bet they used egg roll wrappers if it was folded over and it tasted like wonton.

    • The Kettunen girls (my sisters and actually my folks too ) found the BEST Original Finn like Pastie just north of the Bridge in St Ignance
      on U S 2 (about a mile or two going out of town heading west) JERRY’s Pasties…the place looks condemned , paint peeling, think last coat of paint was probably in ’62…BUT here is Jerry still selling her BEST pasties of the North ! Try it and tell me what cha think…and if thats not good enuf I m having a second annual pastie making party at my cottage in about a mont ! The gals around the lake come and all bring an ingrediant and we make our crust with 7 UP Pop – flaky ! wonderful ! everyone goes home with 4 pasties !

      • Okay, I’ll brave it and try Jerry’s on my next trip to da U.P.
        Would love the recipe for your 7-Up crust…unless it’s a family secret. The crust is the key!!!

  2. Actually, I think we just may have over-heated it and it got a bit crispy. But the wrapping job is unique!

  3. Hi everyone,,,,I got this link through Pure Michigan and wanted to share my story.
    My mother was raised in Laurium (sp?) Mi and had the original pastie reciepe, we loved them through the years growing up.
    I recently made them for a family reuinion,,,AND WHAT A HIT!!
    It took me 2 days to make them (around 100 ) but I specially made them for my only Aunt that is alive at a remarkable age of 80. She would know if they were the original or not and sure enough she loved them. She couldn’t finish it all but I asked if that was the reciepe she remembers and it was.
    I was thrilled to have brought a family tradition back to home for just one day.
    I would love to open a pastie shop in the southern part of the state to share this awesome meal we call “Pasties”.

    • Yum. My dad grew up in Kearsarge!
      You’ve inspired me to try to recreate my mom and grandma’s recipe. It’s been years since I made them. I can’t imagine whipping up a batch of 100!
      Watch the Great Lakes Gazette as I do more research at pasty shops recommended by other readers.
      Thanks for your story,

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