Posted by: Kath Usitalo | August 8, 2011

Contest Corner: Free Eggs!

Farm near Saline

According the National Inflation Association, the average American family spends 13% of their total annual expenditures on food at home—groceries, not dining out—and that is expected to rise. The USDA says the Consumer Price Index for groceries is expected to increase 3 to 4 percent in 2011; for the past 20 years food price inflation has been below 3 percent (on average).

So what does today’s post have to do with the price of eggs? A shot at some relief: It’s time to enter the Farmers Feed US “Win Free Groceries for a Year” sweepstakes. There’s a grand prize in each participating state of $5,000 worth of food, plus two $1,000 prizes.

Anyone 18 years or older who lives in Michigan—or one of 8 other Midwest states—can visit the website to enter to win one of the prizes from their home state.

Michigan’s contest started on July 15 and wraps up October 12, 2011. The dates are different for Illinois and for the other states: Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Iowa, Missouri and South Dakota.

Each state features short videos about several farm families, their crops or products, and tours of their farms. Michigan introduces 9 farmers who raise or produce soybeans, eggs, beef, lamb, dairy, apples, and vegetables. To enter just watch one or all of the videos and fill out the form at one farmer’s site or at all 9; you can enter the sweepstakes once per farmer each day.

You’ll also find recipes and fun facts at Farmers Feed US. Do you know (answers below):

1. The longest recorded flight of a chicken:
– 3 seconds
– 5 seconds
– 13 seconds
– however long it takes to cross the road

2. Cows can detect smells up to what distance away:
– 100 yards
– a half mile
– 6 miles
– depends on which way the wind’s blowing in the barnyard

3. The heaviest turkey ever raised weighed:
– 42 pounds
– 68 pounds
– 86 pounds
– more than a copy of  the 1987 flop “Ishtar,” one of the 25 biggest Box Office turkeys rated by The Moviefone Blog.

1. 13 seconds

2. 6 miles

3. 86 pounds

You can’t win if you don’t enter!


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