Posted by: Kath Usitalo | August 22, 2011

Road Food Report: Lumberjack Breakfast

Head to the Tahquamenon Logging Museum Cook Shack for a Lumberjack Breakfast

A trip to Tahquamenon Falls is the stuff of the Pure Michigan travel ads and a sure-fire vacation pleaser for families, adventurers, photographers and sightseers of all ages, especially in summer and the fall color season.

The sausage patty, a special blend concocted by Cook Pete, was especially delish

It’s even better if you’ve fueled up on a Lumberjack Breakfast before hitting the trails to see the rushing waters.

The Tahquamenon Logging Museum, 1-1/2 miles north of Newberry and about 24 miles south of Tahquamenon Falls State Park, serves an all-you-can-eat meal that has got to be the best deal in the Eastern Upper Peninsula.

Volunteers prepare, cook and serve the feast fit for a forester in the museum’s recreated Cook Shack (log, of course), complete with wood burning stove and plenty of grease for frying the gut-busting breakfast.

It’s one of the buildings at the open air museum dedicated to the area’s major industry of the 19th century. In addition to the all-important kitchen and dining hall the museum has exhibits about and buildings related to the booming logging days, plus a salute to the 20th century Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) that worked in the area.

Giant saw blades painted with scenes of the area's logging history cover the log walls of the Cook Shack

But back to the most important meal of the day:

You must prepare for this breakfast by becoming a lumberjack (in terms of appetite, not the haven’t-bathed-in-a-week part).

Know that you do not have a choice of meals.  There is no granola or yogurt on the menu.

There is no menu, just a heaping plate of food: bacon, two fried eggs, sausage, pancakes and fried potatoes cooked before your eyes on a wood-burning stove.

The apron reads "Master Chef Pete;" the former butcher mixes and fries up a mean batch of sausage patties

On the day that I joined the snaking line to receive my share, the only decisions I had to make were whether I wanted plain or blueberry pancakes (blueberry, of course!) and coffee or milk to wash it all down.

Oh, and whether I wanted to go back for more at the all-you-can eat feast (I couldn’t).

The good news is, the food was delish and the gang serving it was having a great time.

The bad news is, the Lumberjack Breakfast happens just once a month from May – August.

The other good news is that you can fill your plate from 7 a.m.-Noon, Saturday and Sunday, August 27-28.

Also this weekend, you can stick around for good, old tyme music under the pavillion on the grounds from Noon-6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Lumberjack Breakfast is $7.50; kids 6-12 $5, under 6 free. Orange juice is an extra 75 cents.

There’s a $5 donation for the music festival. There is a nominal museum entrance fee.

Log on!

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Stick around for great music after the Lumberjack Breakfast in Newberry

Also this week:

It’s a great time to visit the Eastern U.P.; it’s also time for the Luce West Mackinac County Fair August 24-28 at the Luce County Fairgrounds west of Newberry.

Fiddler Jamboree, 1-9:30 p.m., Saturday, September 24, American Legion Hall, Newberry

Oktoberfest, Friday-Saturday September 30-October 1, American Legion Hall, Newberry

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