Posted by: Kath Usitalo | August 29, 2011

Recipe File: Greek Lamb Kabobs

Herbs for sale at Detroit's Eastern Market

Have you had your herbs today?

August 29 is More Herbs, Less Salt Day, so naturally when I started thinking about tonight’s dinner visions of herbs danced in my head.

I drooled at the thought of a recipe Graham has made, Greek Lamb Kabobs with Yogurt-Mint Salsa Verde, which calls for several different herbs (and a little salt, too).

Lamb kabobs on rosemary skewers, prepped for the grill (photo by Graham Kozak)

He first whipped up the dish at his frat house and posted it on his blog last year, and more recently concocted it for the family (access the recipe at his blog).

The lamb is supposed to be skewered on rosemary sprigs, so for best results do try to find them.

There’s thyme in the marinade and the sauce requires fresh mint, oregano and parsley.


While I probably won’t make them today, these kabobs will be on the menu soon.

After all, can it be baaaaaad to make every day a More Herbs, Less Salt Day?



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