Posted by: Kath Usitalo | September 15, 2011

Recipe File: Magic Pan Chicken

September is National Chicken Month.

In honor of this poultry occasion, T.J. whipped up The World’s Easiest Dinner, a favorite in our house since we discovered the Magic Pans—two cast iron skillets that magically appeared in our kitchen without explanation. Really.

Felipe's Chicken Ranch, Old Mission Peninsula

T.J. found the recipe in the May 2010 Esquire magazine, and makes it once or twice a month.

He jazzes it up with various spices and veggies, depending on what’s in the fridge. Tonight it was lemon, garlic, potatoes and onions.

You’ll make it your own with your favorite flavorings.

Easy chicken in Magic Pan

The World’s Easiest Dinner

Esquire 05/10

Place your oven rack in the lower third of the oven and preheat to 450 degrees.

Get yourself a good chicken—3 to 3.5 lbs is ideal—and rinse it inside and out under cold running water.

Using paper towels, dry the bird thoroughly inside and out. The chicken must be bone dry or it will steam rather than brown.

Set it in a cast-iron skillet and generously season with 1 Tbsp. kosher salt and coarsely ground black pepper to taste.

Place the skillet in the preheated oven and go about your business.

For doneness: Slit underside of thigh—juices must run clear (about 45 minutes).

The high heat turns the chicken a golden brown, and it’s juicy as hell.


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