Posted by: Kath Usitalo | September 17, 2011

Who Needs Lobster; We’ve Got Whitefish

Smoked U.P. whitefish (T.J. photo)

Lobster roll, schmobster roll.

When we took a family vacation to Maine a few years ago we sampled the famous lobster rolls sold at roadside stands and pounds along the coast.

Maine lobster shack; picture a whitefish in that bun

Since then we’ve talked about how Michigan could be known for a similar sandwich made with the abundant Great Lakes whitefish.

Once in a while I’d dream about opening a little Whitefish Roll shack Up North—maybe a chain!

I never actually made one to see how it would taste.

Finally, this summer, Graham took the initiative with some smoked whitefish he brought home from the Upper Peninsula and created the Whitefish Roll.

Read all about it at his blog post, For your dining pleasure, the Whitefish Roll.

Debone appetit!

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Graham and Paige, Pemaquid Point, Maine


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