Posted by: Kath Usitalo | September 22, 2011

Fall For Michigan

Roadside stand, Old Mission Peninsula (photo by TJ)

Is it just me, or have they rolled out the pumpkins earlier this year?

I don’t mean the foam kind that you buy at craft stores. I’m talking squash, like the variety I saw at the Manistique Farmers Market a few weeks ago. The local Kroger is loaded with ’em. And we saw a parade of pumpkins on the Old Mission Peninsula the weekend of September 11.

Manistique Farmers Marquette

Fall doesn’t officially begin until tomorrow, and Halloween is still five weeks away.

If I put one of those beautiful orange orbs on our porch now the squirrels will devour it long before we have a chance to carve it on October 31.

But it’s not too soon to plan a fall color tour of the Great Lakes State.

Go to to check out:

– Travel Michigan fall color report
– suggested driving tours
– the new Pure Michigan fall color TV ad
– and sign up for the weekly Pure Michigan e-newsletter for updates on the changing scene



  1. I think you should buy a couple of extra pumpkins and let the squirrels nibble away. 🙂

    • Yikes, don’t need anymore squirrels to make Tucker the Wonder Dog crazy.

  2. Apparently, there’s a pumpkin and apple bounty because of the weather in the past month.

    • Yum.

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