Posted by: Kath Usitalo | October 4, 2011

Order Your Pasties Now For Michigan Party Day

Expats will remember cool things about their home state on Michigan Party Day, October 15

Whether you Go Blue or shout Green / White, Saturday, October 15 is Michigan Party Day as declared by the Michigan Expats.

I mentioned them when I talked about National Vernors Day, March 13—the Expats are former residents who have left the Michigan for jobs or other reasons, but still have a soft spot for the Great Lakes State.

Inspired by a bash in Brooklyn hosted by some expats last year, they decided to promote October 15, the day of the big football game between the University of Michigan and Michigan State University, as Michigan Party Day.

Imagine gatherings across the land—heck, around the world—where former residents are sharing memories of the two peninsulas to the sounds of Motown and Bob Seger while guzzling Vernors and Faygo, munching Better Made Potato Chips, and chowing down on pasties, Coney dogs, and cherry pies while complaining about the Detroit Lions. Oops, scratch the Lions-kicking.

The Michigan Expats website has Michigan Party ideas and links to sources for refreshments and decor to create that Mitten vibe.

Start planning and let the world know about your bash at the Expats Facebook page.

I don’t think anyone would mind if you’re still in Michigan and decide to throw a themed soiree honoring the state.

You’ll just have to think of a party game because complaining about the Detroit Lions is so last half-century.

Massive Lake Superior rocks viewed from a bluff on Grand Island, Munising Bay


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