Posted by: Kath Usitalo | December 6, 2011

Homemade: Doggone Good Cherry Treats

Tasting is encouraged in the Great Hall at Cherry Republic

Another in a series about Christmas Gifts from the Great Lakes State.

In September we made our way to Cherry Republic, the compound in Glen Arbor that’s all about the round red fruit. The fruit and “Life, Liberty, Beaches and Pie.”

Bob Sutherland started the business in Michigan’s cherry-growing country, in the northwest corner of the Lower Peninsula, over 22 years ago selling cheery T-shirts from his mobile showroom: the trunk of his car.

Cherry Republic’s first food products were dried cherries and Cherry Boomchunka Cookies, which Bob still sells today. Along with cherry salsa, cherry jam, cherry creme honey, cherry fudge, cherry soda pops, cherry hot chocolate, cherry bath salts, chocolate covered dried cherries and more than 150 other products featuring cherries.

Including WoofWhomper Cherry Dog Cookies.

At the main store—labeled the Great Hall of the Republic—we browsed and taste tested many of the delish products.

Including (for Tucker the Wonder Dog) a free sample of a WoofWhomper.

Tucker enjoying a WoofWhomper on the steps of the Cherry Republic store

If you want to treat your four-legged friend to something special snag a bag of these goodies, handmade in the style of those Boomchunka cookies. They’re pricey—$13.95 for a 13 oz. bag—but in the name of research we popped for a bag for Tucker.

He would have chowed down the entire batch in one begging session. I’m sure he’s hoping Santa Paws brings him another.

Oh, and the treats for humans make pretty darn good gifts, too.

If you can’t make it to the Glen Arbor headquarters near Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Cherry Republic has stores in Traverse City, Charlevoix and Ann Arbor.

And you can always shop the Cherry Republic online store, though you miss out on the free samples that way.

While in Traverse City we checked out D.O.G. Bakery, which specializes in naturally good pet treats in adorable shapes (as if dogs care about the look of a cookie).

We found Michigan mitten-shaped Cherry Chews, made with locally grown cherries. Tucker gave those two paws up as well. In the online store they’re $2.99 for four iced cookies and $7.25 per pound for the plain version (about 24 treats).

Cherry Chews from D.O.G. Bakery


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  1. Let me 2nd your recommendation for D.O.G. Bakery in Traverse City. My two pooches love their treats from D.O.G. and it’s a required stop anytime I’m in TC. The shop also has a very nice selection of other non-edible dog products as well. I haven’t yet popped for the WoofWhompers since I too thought they were pricey and have stuck with another slightly less pricey northern Michigan cherry dog cookie instead — HipBones by Overby Farms. Maybe I’ll treat the pooches to WoofWhompers at the holidays.

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