Posted by: Kath Usitalo | December 8, 2011

Mad About The Mitt

Does this "mitten" make you think "fun?"

Wisconsin a mitten? I don't think so, eh

Someone please tell the folks in Wisconsin that the snowball belongs on the OUTSIDE of the mitten.

It looks like there’s a lump of something—I’m thinking a melting snowball—in the contorted mitt that Travel Wisconsin is using to promote winter fun in the Badger State. Maybe I’m just being critical over the tourism office thumbing its nose at the real mitten state by using this image in its ads.

I like Wisconsin.
Some of my best friends are Wisconsinites. Wisconsinners. Cheeseheads.

There are lots of cool people and places on the other side of the lake. Hey, if your nickname was The Badger State you might try to capture some of aura of your neighbor, The Great Lakes State, by co-opting its mitten magic.

On the radio today I heard a Travel Wisconsin official state that they are just trying to convey some winter fun with their misshapen mitten (okay, she didn’t call her mitten misshapen).

But Michiganians are unraveling over the very idea that another state would claim the mitt.

The story has spread around the world. Facebook pages are peppered with snide comments about the mitten grab.

Mitt is still thinking about the mitten issue

Mitt Romney, who was born in Michigan and whose father George was Governor of the Thumb’s Up State, was going to weigh in on the matter but changed his mind.

Donald Trump offered to arrange a debate to settle it but no one wanted to participate.

The Pure Michigan tourism website is asking folks to weigh in on which is the REAL Mitten State.

The solution is so simple even the Man in the Moon can see it.

Present this satellite photo of the Great Lakes region and make the simple request:
“Point out the mitten, please.”

Can you find the mitten?


Pure Michigan

Travel Wisconsin 



  1. Wisconsin is STEALING our mitt? Oh no! But, then again, maybe they could be the right-hand mitt. Maybe we would allow that?

  2. Sure, all in good fun 😉
    Great publicity for both states!

  3. Judging by the satellite shot I wondered, “What is that sharp object our (mittenless, thumbless) neighbor is projecting?”

    • About that sharp object—maybe Wisconsin is needling us, eh? 😉

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