Posted by: Kath Usitalo | January 23, 2012

Motor City Art With An Edge

Motor City Crude Drive Deluxe by TJ Kozak

Being married to an artist who uses the living room of our cozy home as a studio has its advantages. When the furniture shares the space with a half dozen car tires in various stages of being painted I don’t have to worry about the tidyness of the place if someone drops by, as happened the other day.

Our visitor has known us long enough that he didn’t blink an eye at the sight. He could see works in progress in just about every available nook here at The Home.

The good news is, a bit of elbow room opened up when three of TJ’s art pieces were relocated to the Grosse Pointe Art Center for its Urban Edge show, which runs through February 25.

The juried exhibition features dozens of interpretations of the theme in a variety of media, from large paintings of city scenes to watercolor details of buildings, photos, assemblages and sculpture.

Motor City Crude at the Art Center

One of TJ’s works, “Motor City Crude Drive Deluxe,” a car sculpture out of salvaged pieces of wood, metal and nails, received an honorable mention.

Also accepted in the show is his chalk drawing, “Daily Driver,” of a classic Pontiac Grand Parisienne.

The third entry is an incredible journal he pieced together that you could spend hours poring over.

All works in the show are for sale. The Art Center is located at 16900 Kercheval in the area of Grosse Pointe called “The Village.”

Grosse Pointe Art Center

Hours are Wednesday-Saturday, Noon-6 p.m.

If you know someone who would like some art with an edge, please direct them to this show and have them bring their checkbook.

I’m getting used to having those precious few square feet of vacated space here at The Home.



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