Posted by: Kath Usitalo | February 10, 2012

Friday Freebie: Michigan Travel Ideas

Log on at to see and order the new issue of Michigan Travel Ideas

The 2012 edition of Michigan Travel Ideas, the glossy magazine published by the state’s tourism office and Midwest Living, is now available on paper and via your iPad, iPhone or Droid.

You can get a free copy of the 120-page guide to four season fun in the Great Lakes State by snail mailbut if you want trees to thank you stick with the digital version.

At least that’s what you’re told when you go to the Travel Michigan website and click to look at the magazine on the screen: Turn a page. Trees will thank you.

I don’t speak Tree so I need someone to translate this for me.

As I understand it there are a million shiny copies of Michigan Travel Ideas sitting in a warehouse waiting to be distributed.

If people choose to look at Michigan Travel Ideas on their screens and not request print versions, stacks of colorful magazines will remain in the warehouse.

The trees that provided the paper for the unwanted publications will have died in vain. So why would trees be thankful? And how do trees thank people anyway? They certainly don’t send cards printed on paper.

This is something to think about while lounging on a beach, exploring Beaver Island (featured on the cover) or hiking through a forest, just some of the suggestions described in the travel guide.

Check it out and order a copy at or call 888-784-7328 or pick one up at any of the state’s 14 Michigan Welcome Centers. Just don’t expect a thank you note from the trees.


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