Posted by: Kath Usitalo | February 14, 2012

Michigan Places For Valentine’s Day

Here’s some Valentine’s Day trivia about Michigan that is remotely related to the hearts and flowers day. Info about the places (not the vodka) was gleaned from the book Michigan Place Names by Walter Romig:

Chocolay: Marquette County, the 1898 railroad station named for French fur trader Choquette is as close as we’ve got to a place named for the traditional Valentine’s Day gift of chocolate

Flower Creek: Oceana County, sawmill built 1863; name changed to Flowercreek in 1895 and the post office closed in 1906

Flowerfield: St. Joseph County, 1829-1936 named because “it oftentimes, in the days of its earlier settlement, presented a lovely appearance”

Hart: Oceana County, first settled in 1856, named for pioneer Wellington Hart

Hartland: Livingston County, settled in 1831, named in 1837

Heart: Macomb County, post office operated from March 1837-September 1838

Hugheart: Emmet County, post office operated from 1881-1882

Kissipee: Montmorency County, no explanation of the name of this post office (1918-1928)

Lovells: Crawford County, village on the AuSable River established 1889

Paris: Mecosta County, village named in 1865 for settler John Parish, later lost the “h” and took the name of the city of romance

The 20-foot tall Eiffel Tower in Paris, Michigan was built by high school students

Poseyville: Midland County, post office operated from 1898-1907

Romeo: Macomb County, settled in 1822 as Hoxie Settlement; named Romeo in 1830

Rosebush: Isabella County, settled by 1844 and named for Rose, whose husband James L. Bush gave land for the railroad depot

Rose Center: Oakland County, first settled in 1835; post office operated through 1949

Rose City: Ogemaw County, where in 1875 the Rose family arrived from New York and built a general store and post office

Spoonville: Ottawa County, settled no later than 1857 by John Spoon (don’t know what “to spoon” means? Google it)

Sweeter, and Sweetland, Sweet’s Bridge, Sweet’s Station: All were settlements that now are history

Valentine: Montmorency County, near Valentine Lake, post office operated from December 1894 to March 1907

Valentine Vodka: Adult beverage made in Greater Detroit since 2009 by Michiganian Rifino Valentine. (Highly recommended…I have purchased more bottles than I can remember but still need to visit the distilling company, cocktail lounge and tasting room in Ferndale)



  1. Double love the Valentine Vodka. First because it’s just a beautiful bottle and second because it has a cork.
    Oh, and third, because it’s vodka and it makes my Bloody Mary taste bloody delicious.

    • Make that a double 😉

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