Posted by: Kath Usitalo | March 14, 2012

Learn About Butterflies In Michigan

A monarch on the Lake Michigan shore outside the fort walls of Colonial Michilimackinac, Mackinaw City

Admittedly, I have a weakness for holidays dedicated to foods, causes and oddities. This month alone we have National Pig Day (March 1), If Pets Had Thumbs Day (3rd) and Be Nasty Day (8th). Clam on the Half Shell Day (31st), anyone?

Someone declared March 14 Learn About Butterflies Day, so it’s a good time to let you know about opportunities to see the winged wonders in Michigan. Click each site below for admission fees, hours and other info.

WARNING: No butterfly nets allowed on premises!

Butterflies Around the World Through April 22, Dow Gardens, Midland
See butterflies and moths from, well, around the world at the conservatory. Camera Cool: Stay late on Wednesday evenings for photos of roosting butterflies. Later in the year visit the Butterfly Garden on the 110-acre Dow Gardens grounds.

Butterflies Are Blooming, Through April 30, Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids
More than 40 species of the delicate creatures flit and flutter through the 15,000-square foot Lena Meijer Tropical Conservatory. This is the largest such temporary exhibit in the U.S. Be sure to allow time to stroll the wonderful grounds to see impressive works of art.

Butterflies in the Garden Through April 30, Indoor 4-H Children’s Gardens, Michigan State University
MSU is all about making biology accessible. At this annual event you can get up close and personal with the insects. Special activities are planned for Butterfly Day, Saturday, April 28.

The Original Butterfly House & Insect World, Mackinac Island
Can you believe there are not one but two (2)  butterfly houses on Mackinac Island? This is the first and claims to be the third oldest such exhibit in the U.S. Located behind St. Anne’s church. Open seasonally.

Wings of Mackinac, Mackinac Island
The butterfly conservatory has between 75-100 species to observe at any time during the season. It is tucked away from the main vein near the carriage tour barns and Grand Hotel barn.

Butterfly Garden, Detroit Zoo
The glass-domed section of the beautiful Wildlife Interpretive Gallery, the zoo’s oldest building, houses the walk-through butterfly habitat in addition to a free-flight aviary and special exhibits.

Monarch Migration
Millions of monarchs pass through Michigan in late summer en route to Mexico. From mid-August to mid-September thousands of them alight on Stonington Peninsula near Escanaba to rest up before their flight south over Lake Michigan.

Visitor Info Click:
Pure Michigan 

This beautiful mosaic greets visitors to the butterfly house within the Wildlife Interpretive Gallery, circa 1928, at the Detroit Zoo



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