Posted by: Kath Usitalo | April 3, 2012

Tanks for the Memories

Splattered Van April fuelishness

I didn’t know the gas tank held 21+ gallons.

When I took the Splattered Van to the pump the other day I expected to pop for the usual 17 or 18 gallons it requires when the needle drops to E. I knew we’d been riding around a while with the “low fuel” light on, but I had put off the fill-up, hoping the price of gas would come down.

I knew I was riding on fumes but….

As the gas continued to flow past 18…19…20 gallons I actually looked under the vehicle to see if it was gushing out onto the concrete. Finally it maxed out at 21.086 gallons. $3.925 per gallon. $82.85. Yikes.

I’ve run out of gas only once, years ago, in a company car. I was near Detroit’s Cultural Center when the buggy sputtered to a stop. I walked to the nearest gas station to fetch a container of gas and the guy behind the counter asked me where I’d left the vehicle. I told him the location, just a couple of blocks away.

He asked me if I wanted the car to be there when I got back to the spot. It took me a second to understand his offer. I thanked him and declined the offer, explaining that it was a company car, and we laughed.

Hey, at least he asked first. Those were the days.


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