Posted by: Kath Usitalo | April 4, 2012

Granholm: Once A Hoodwinker….

Granholm: One in a million (Facebook photo)

Where’s the Pure Michigan love, Jenny?

When former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm joined the Million Hoodie movement in solidarity with the march to honor Trayvon Martin, the teen slain in Florida, she chose a garment bearing the name of her Current TV gig.

Google “Granholm hoodie photo” to see the tremendous play she’s gotten for that stunt. Money can’t buy that kind of exposure.

Imagine what she could have done for her beloved home state if she’d donned a Pure Michigan hoodie instead.

The award-winning Pure Michigan advertising campaign for Travel Michigan was launched in 2006 under Granholm’s watch and is now used for other economic development as well. Wouldn’t the state be proud to have a photo of its ex-guv hit the www in a Pure Michigan hoodie?

But as soon as her term ended Granholm high-tailed it out of the Great Lakes State (or was she blown away?) for California. Michigan quickly receded from her rear view mirror.

Don’t tell Jenny, but Pure Michigan hoodies are available for $49.95 at the Pure Michigan online store.


Henry Payne of The Michigan View wrote about the former Governor’s selective fashion choice in a different way: She was quick to jump on the Florida story but has not made one comment about the terrible killings of youth in Detroit: Granholm hoodie fashion (not available for Detroit)



  1. Where is this $50 hoodie made?

    (By the way, I think all this hoodie nonsense is a needless distraction.)

    • Hi Dennis…
      They say everything is made in the U.S. Some items are made in Michigan. Not sure about the hoodies.

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