Posted by: Kath Usitalo | April 27, 2012

Friday Freebie: Tour Lake St. Clair

Sunrise over Lake St. Clair, the heart of a new promotional effort

While driving Jefferson Avenue in St. Clair Shores recently I noticed “Circle the Lake Tour” signage promoting what some folks say should be considered the sixth Great Lake.

Lake St. Clair, with the aid of the Detroit River and St. Clair River, connects Lakes Erie and Ontario with Lake Huron and the inland seas beyond, Lakes Michigan and Superior.

The 430-square mile (some say heart-shaped) lake has 160 miles of shoreline in Michigan and Ontario, Canada, and plenty of history, visitor-friendly attractions, businesses and events.

Enter the Lake St. Clair Tourism Initiative, a non-profit, public/private association that plans to raise awareness of the recreational opportunities on and around the body of water geared to motorists, bicyclists and boaters. The territory is broken into a dozen districts, also identified by signage.

That adds up to a lot of  identifying and directional signs, but they are just one of the organization’s efforts. A website has an interactive map and  information that ranges from the obvious (marinas and waterfront restaurants like the venerable River Crab in St. Clair) to the creative (How to boat to a Detroit Tigers’ game at landlocked Comerica Park).

Sign on to to discover the freshwater treasure.


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