Posted by: Kath Usitalo | May 15, 2012

Slow Down, Have A Molasses Cookie In Coldwater’s Amish Country

Many goodies come out of the kitchen at the Amish Country Bakery near Coldwater

You can keep your chocolate chips and peanut butter; I’ll take a molasses cookie any day. I like molasses cookies that are dense and chewy and I like molasses cookies that are soft and puffy.

Betty Graber turns out the very best molasses cookies at her Amish Country Bakery in Quincy. Hers are the soft and puffy variety, and rich in flavor. And only $3.00 for a freshly baked dozen.

Maybe it’s the lard. Or the kerosene-powered oven. But Betty sure knows how to bake, and not only cookies.

She makes bread, rolls, pies and dessert bars. She sells Amish noodles and jars of preserves, and baskets handmade by a neighbor. She’s a gentle lady who’s ready and willing to chat and share news of other places to visit in this Amish area north of Coldwater.

Her bakery is the kind of discovery you can only make by driving the backroads and following hand-painted signs, or by checking in at the Branch County Tourism Bureau in beautiful downtown Coldwater.

Pick up a free copy of the Coldwater Country visitors guide and ask about the other Amish shops sprinkled across the farmland north of the Indiana border.

I bought a dozen cookies to take home with me and couldn’t resist trying one as I headed east, back to the 313.


I had to stash the bag of cookies away in the rear of the Jeep, well out of reach, so I would have some to share with TJ and Graham. It was all I could do to save a few for the photo before we devoured them.

Slow down, take a drive, bring your dollar bills and enjoy some old-fashioned goodness in southern Michigan’s Amish country.

Check back with the Great Lakes Gazette (or subscribe—it’s free!) for more stories about what to see in the Coldwater area.

Amish Country Bakery is located at 1004 Herricksville Road, Quincy.  Closed Sundays.

Visitor Info Clicks:

Branch County Tourism Bureau

Pure Michigan





On the farm at Amish Country Bakery


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