Posted by: Kath Usitalo | June 19, 2012

Hop On A Motor City Brew Tour

Motor City Bike & Brew Tours start and end at TJ’s, the first brew pub in Michigan; now there are around 90 craft beer makers in the state

Here’s something on my beer bucket list I want to hop on: a brewery-themed bicycle tour in Detroit.

Motor City Tour Company hosts a variety of Michigan beer tours and trips to beer events by bus, bicycle, on foot and aboard riverboats. Steve and Laura Johnson founded the company in 2009 after experiencing a wine tasting tour, and decided to apply the concept to Michigan’s growing beer scene.

I thought about the Motor City Bike & Brew Tours recently when I was conducting research at a few of the local beer joints on the two-wheeler trail: Traffic Jam & Snug, which in 1992 became the first brew pub in Michigan; Motor City Brewing Works, located across from TJ’s in the Cultural Center; and Atwater Brewery near the Detroit Riverfront.

The Brewery History Bike Tour follows a 10-mile route past the sites of the long lost Detroit, Stroh’s and Goebel Brewing Companies, a loop through Elmwood Historic Cemetery and the graves of beer barons, and a cruise past Atwater Brewery (but it is not a stop). There are 8 tours scheduled between June 23 and October 6; tours begin at 1:30 p.m.

The 15-mile Prohibition History Bike Tour covers the bootlegging and rumrunner days in Detroit. There are five tours scheduled between July 1 and October 7.

Most tours run from 10 a.m.-1:30 p.m. and begin and end in the parking lot of Traffic Jam & Snug, the city’s first brew pub located in Midtown on Canfield between Cass and 2nd Avenues.

The $27.99 (plus $2.53 online ticket fee) tour price includes the 3-hour outing, lunch, a couple of beers or pops and tips. It’s BYOB: Bring your own bike or rent one in advance when making the tour reservation.
Visitor Info Clicks:


Pure Michigan

Beer is made on site at Motor City Brewing Works, across the street from Traffic Jam


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