Posted by: Kath Usitalo | June 20, 2012

Road Food Report: Marshall’s Pastrami Joe’s

Little Joe version of Jomama, a tender and delish corned beef sandwich

Marshall is a beautiful town known for its inventory of 19th century architecture: more than 850 period homes and businesses earned it designation as a National Historic Landmark District. I stopped by to check out the American Museum of Magic, which is housed in a handsome building that dates to the 1860s.

The American Museum of Magic is in an historic building in Marshall

After visiting the museum I needed to fuel up for my trip to Colon, the Magic Capital of the world, to learn about the 75th Annual Magic Get Together. I wanted a quick sandwich, maybe something I could take with me to eat en route. I stepped out of the Magic Museum and abracadabra! Just around the corner a cute sandwich shop appeared.

Pastrami Joe’s is a deli that serves sandwiches, wraps, soup, salads and pizza in a bright and tidy storefront with a few tables outside. I like that you can order one of the 38 sandwiches or salads in a choice of two sizes, the “Little Joe” or “Big Joe;” price difference is about $1.50 to $2.

I opted for the Little Joe Jomama—corned beef, swiss, coleslaw and Russian dressing on grilled light rye at $6.80 (the Big Joe is $8.30).  The smaller version was plenty, and too delish and messy (in a good way) to try to eat in the car. I enjoyed the sandwich at one of the outdoor tables.

If you’re in the Marshall or Battle Creek area (where there’s another Pastrami Joe location) bypass the fast food joints and stop at Pastrami Joe’s. Worth the detour.

NOTE: Start practicing now for the 7th annual Pastrami Joe’s World Reuben Eating Championship charity competition Saturday, July 21 in downtown Marshall.


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