Posted by: Kath Usitalo | June 27, 2012

Rockin’ On Lake Superior

Rock hounds find lots to love about the Lake Superior shore in Grand Marais

After spending time with The Agate Lady on the Lake Superior shore of the Upper Peninsula, it’s been confirmed. I suffer from “pretty rock syndrome.”

Unless I can overcome the desire to pick up every good-looking rock on the beach I will be unable to, as Karen Brzys says, “think like an agate” and focus on finding the elusive semi-precious gemstone.

A rock hound shows pretty rocks she collected

It’s okay, though. If I spend some time at the shore sifting through and collecting pretty rocks and never locate an agate I’ll just think of the exercise as a kind of therapy.

The Agate Lady says, “Rock hounding seems to help people have a calmness about them. Then, with their calmer spirit, they can apply that elsewhere in their lives.”

Read my story about Karen Brzys and her Gitche Gumee Agate and History Museum, and find tips on planning a trip to the quirky U.P. town of Grand Marais for some calmness, pretty rocks and just-caught whitefish at:

Karen Brzys checks for translucency of a rock, a clue that it might be an agate


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