Posted by: Kath Usitalo | June 29, 2012

Friday Freebie: Farm Fresh Fun

Find farm fresh fruit and veggies with the Michigan Farm Market and Agricultural Directory

Michigan agricultural tourism is exploding in popularity, with families and foodies alike heading to wineries and vineyards, farmers markets and u-pick orchards to select and learn about fresh foods and enjoy farm experiences.

Although the state has experienced unseasonable, crazy weather that has affected crops—for example, the Michigan Apple Committee estimates that this year’s yield will be just 3 million bushels, down from an average of 20-23 million bushels in a good season—there are farms with fruit and vegetables to sell.

You can find them with the help of the annual Farm Market and Agricultural Directory from the Michigan Agri-Tourism Association.

The free guide is available online or, if you’d like to have a printed version of the 112-page booklet in hand, from a Michigan Farm Bureau Insurance Office (there’s a link to Farm Bureau office locations online).

The directory lists u-pick farms, farm stands, farmers markets, wineries, cider mills and agri-tourism experiences such as u-cut Christmas tree farms, hayrides, corn mazes and more. The information is organized in 7 regions—6 in the Lower Peninsula and the U.P.

It’s not a complete listing—only those who pay are included—but it’s still handy.

You can also turn to the Travel Michigan website to find Pure Michigan farms, farmers markets and wineries.

The Michigan Farmers Market Association lists its member markets online.

U-PICK TIP: Because so many crops have been affected by the weather be sure to call ahead before heading out to the farm to see what’s available for picking and what’s on the stand.


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