Posted by: Kath Usitalo | August 1, 2012

Go Get ‘Em, Tigers

It was late March. I was at a local diner waiting for a friend to arrive when a couple came in. They qualified for the senior discount.

She walked with the aid of a cane. He carried some small items I couldn’t make out. They were obviously regulars because the waitresses made a fuss over the woman and the misstep that had resulted in her temporary use of the cane.

I watched as the gent gave a young girl at a nearby table one of the stained glass angels he was carrying. He then offered me one, as well as two greeting cards: one, a watercolor of an elegantly robed Santa, the other a salute to the Detroit Tigers (above).

His wife told me that he’d made the angel and created the cards. He said he took up art as something to do after he retired “a couple of years ago” from the business they owned. I estimated that day came many years after the traditional retirement age.

I asked if the Santa card was their Christmas greeting from last year. He said, no, it was for the upcoming season—a good nine months away! At that point my friend arrived and our brief conversation was over.

Every day when I look at the little glass angel by my computer I think about that couple’s active lifestyle, optimism and grace, and wonder who will be lucky enough to receive one of those Santa cards this Christmas.



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