Posted by: Kath Usitalo | August 27, 2012

Contest Corner: Win Tickets To The Michigan Renaissance Festival

Join the folly in Hollygrove (Michigan Renaissance Festival photo)

Who knew that cupcakes were authentic to the 16th century? In a first-ever competition at the Michigan Renaissance Festival bakers are invited to enter three “unique Renaissance themed cupcakes” in the Queen’s Cupcake Wars September 29-30. The object is to please the palate of Queen Elizabeth I, who reigns over the annual outdoor faire in Holly, aka Hollygrove, weekends from August 18-September 30.

On those days the temporary village of Hollygrove teems with costumed royalty, knights and ladies, merchants, farmers, wenches, pirates, minstrels, jesters, gypsies and other characters who entertain throngs of folks–some in costume, too—who come for the entertainment, food, drink and hint of history.

I had ye olde goode tyme on the couple of trips we made to the Michigan Renaissance Festival since it began in 1979.

Those visits were long ago and I know the event has grown and added attractions like live mermaids and Hob the Troll, “the world’s greatest singing troll.”

Tickets for this blast to the past are $20.95; $18.95 ages 65+ and students with college ID; $11.95 kids ages 5-12. Advance discount tickets are available at Kroger and Walgreens.

Click here and enter to win a set of four tickets to the event courtesy of the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau. You can choose to enter via:

  • Facebook (winners chosen August 29 and September 5)
  • Twitter (winner chosen August 31)
  • Instagram (winner chosen August 31)
  • Blog (winner chosen Friday, September 7)

Ye cannot win if ye fail to enter!

Tip: Be sue to read the fine print on the Michigan Renaissance Festival Weapons Policy. Guns are banned, unstrung longbows are okay.

Visitor Info Clicks:
Michigan Renaissance Festival
Pure Michigan



  1. Cool garb on the expressive Blonde Swan model!
    Ellie V.

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